The World’s most Expensive Perfume

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most expensive perfume is?
most expensive perfume
I’ve been searching the web for the most expensive perfume. It didn’t took me long since my searches all leads to one product and that is Clive Christian No.1 which is sold by a selected group of retailers, including Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Only 1,000 bottles of the men's version and 1,000 bottles of the female version are released each year.

worlds most expensive perfume
For a one-ounce bottle of Clive Christian No. 1 cost $2,350 and it’s yours to keep. Still not convinced that it is the most expensive perfume? Well, Get the limited-edition 500ml Baccarat crystal bottle – with an 18ct-gold, diamond-adorned collar – only ten of which have been produced, five were released for sale and five were put in Clive Christian's personal archive. Yours for $215,000.

What makes Clive Christian No. 1 perfume so expensive?

Clive Christian No. 1 is indeed expensive, due to the fine, rare, and downright exotic ingredients it contains. It uses only the best ingredients there is regardless of rarity or price. As some of the ingredients used are increasingly rare, the perfume bought this year may not even be possible to produce next year as one of the ingredients may no longer exist. The two most expensive perfume ingredients are natural aged sandalwood from India and Tahitian vanilla.

These are the notes that are being used in the latest 2008 version

Top notes: Pineapple, plum, mirabelle, white peach
Middle notes: Rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, orris, carnation
Base notes: Vanilla, benjoin balm, tonka seeds, cedarwood

What makes Clive Christian No. 1 perfume even more expensive is its handmade or customized bottles. Elton John was reportedly paid around $250,000 for his customized piano-shaped bottle Clive Christian No. 1 perfume.

expensive perfume

If you're a Millionaire, would you buy such expensive perfume?

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John Smith said...

Hey, nice blog.
I just thought you would like to put a Google Web Search Widget in your sidebar. You and your readers will easily be able to search google from your site.

Or you could blog about it...
- John

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Yes I'd buy it if I were a millionaire. Then wait a few years, sell it for a high price and donate to charity.

Bobby said...

To John Smith: Thanks for the compliment. I was thinking of putting google web search widget on my sidebar..When I have the time I will..Thanks :)

To Leo: Nice Idea! You have a brilliant mind of a businessman with a charitable heart.

Thanks for the comments guys. Come back again to visit this blog, you're always welcome here.

Paulineh said...

If I could afford to buy it then I could afford to use it. I wouldnt sell it.....I wouldnt have bought it for an investment but as a reward for having enough money to buy it ..if that makes any sense. The perfume sound divine and I love those ingredients...not too flowery.

Bobby said...

To Paulineh:

It makes perfect sense! If I do have money to burn then I would buy such perfume and use it too until it runs dry..on to the next purchase :)

Thanks for commenting

Mariuca said...

If I were a millionaire, I'd definitely get this perfume for my collection YAY! :):):)

Rachel said...

Wow that is a lot of money for perfume. I do not buy it that often anyway as I do not use it very much so I think that bottle might last me my whole life, but even then I think it is too expensive!

Gem said...

If I got millions of dollars I might choose charity over perfume.

I like what Leo above thought about buying the perfume.

Anonymous said...

YES! Put it in perspective -
Gal makes average $40,000 year and spends $60 on a bottle. If you only make 2 million a year (so a poorer millionaire at that) that would mean the ratio would be a $3,000 bottle of perfume to that salary. And plenty left over for charity :)

seo content said...

this bottle of perfume is ridiculous. not worth a quarter M. By the way, bobby, search bars are simple to add to your blog. takes less than 5 mins.

Shera's Crafts- Free GSD Files for Christmas said...

What are the difference between the different "notes" are the top notes the ones you smell first?

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If I had that kind of money I would probably not buy such a perfume to my wife :)

A car better.
Huang :)

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this bottle of perfume is ridiculous. not worth a quarter M. By the way, bobby, search bars are simple to add to your blog. takes less than 5 mins.

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