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perfume family
Did you know that perfume can be categorized according to their fragrance family? Understanding fragrance families can help your perfume shopping much easier and the most important is you are not disappointed with wrong picks. It may help you to identify the perfume suitable for your friends, spouse and/or family. Let say your spouse love the smell after rain where it smells like the fresh grass, then green perfume family is suitable for him/her, while if he/she loves to smell fresh like in the jungle, then woody is suitable. Some perfumes scent may mixed with one or more family.
Spend a litlle bit time to read this article, you will find it valuable for your perfume buying experience...

floral perfume
This fragrance group is associated with essences of white flowers and fresh linens. This is one of the first perfume categories. It also remains extremely popular especially for womens perfume. They tend to have a distinctive feminine quality. Although a number of fragrances of floral are appearing in mens cologne. Perfumers tend to do a alot of experimentation with florals. They really do combine wonderfully with water or fresh green categories. Since the mid 90's its been the trend to make the fragrance sweeter with hints of fruit. Ideal for young and not-so-young alike. Anyone who wants to feel pretty and feminine without being overpowering should choose a floral perfume. Likewise, they're great as a safe perfume that's suitable for all ages and all occasions.

Some perfumes under this family : Burberry London by Burberry | J'Adore By Christian Dior | Ralph by Ralph Lauren | Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo | Chanel No 19 By Chanel | CKIN2U by Calvin Klein | Parfum D'Ete By Kenzo | Sunflowers By Elizabeth Arden | Anais Anais by Cacharel | L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci | Charlie by Revlon | Eternity by Calvin Klein

*Subcategories of this perfume family :  fruity floral (ie. Escape by Calvin Klein) | fresh floral (ie. Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake)  | green floral (ie. Fidji by Guy Laroche) | woody floral (ie. White Linen by Estee Lauder) | sweet floral (ie. Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden).

oriental perfume
These are exotic, sensual, and extremely "heavy" fragrances. Also sometimes referred as "Amber'. Think of these as containing exotic flowers, foreign resins, vanilla, spicy amber, and musk. Often mixed with fruit fragrances and additional "fresh" scents from the green group. They have a heavy sweetnes from sandlewood, musk and vanilla. Most oriental perfumes have a wonderful crossing over of qualities from all the other categories from the spicy fruit tones to warm woody tones and this makes them a superb choice for corporate environments, evening events and special occasions, regardless of age.

Some perfumes under this family :  Obsession by Calvin Klein | Dior Addict by Christion Dior | Classic by Burberry | Sensi by Giorgio Armani | Joop Femme by Joop! | Tresor by Lancome

*Subcategories of this perfume family : Florientals (ie. Panthere by Cartier) | Spicy Orientals (ie. Angel by Thiery Mugler) | Fruity Florientals (ie. Poison by Christian Dior) | Fruity Orientals (ie. Moshino by Moschino)

Best mixed with other fragrances. Oriental woody is a combination of oriental smells mixed with something like a sandalwood to give it a woody hint.Drier, vetiver, cedar, oakmoss, leather, tobacco, burnt wood etc. Mixes well with citrus and fresh aromatic notes. Woody perfumes are versatile and easy to wear, and are better suited to the mature woman who wants to smell fresh but retain an air of sophistication. This type of perfume works well for any season.

Some perfumes under this family :  212 by Carolina Herrera | Organza by Givenchy | Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker | Burberry Touch by Burberry | CK Be by Calvin Klein | Versace Women by Versace | Gucci Rush by Gucci

fruity perfume
Fruity fragrances are generally spicy and fresh. They are quite youthful in their scent, and suitable for warm and cool weather alike. In winter, they invoke a sense of warm desserts and cider. In summer, they give an air of crispness. They are an excellent choice for women who like classic fragrances, but also want to add a little flair. If you're the type to be outside with friends on summer evenings, this is the perfume type for you.

Some perfumes under this family : Lauren by Ralph Lauren | Liz Claiborn by Liz Claiborn | Be Delicious by DKNY | Chic by Moschino | Bvlgari Pour Homme by Bvlgari

citrus perfume
This type of scent works well on both men and women. Citrus fragrances for men are often blended with wood and spices. For the ladies, it is blended with florals or fruits. This type of fragrance is often sporty, fresh, and perfect for work.

Some perfumes under this family : Azzaro Chrome by Loris Azzaro | CK One by Calvin Klein | Armani by Giorgio Armani | Lacoste Pour Homme by Lacoste

green perfume
Where woody perfumes capture the essence of forests and woodland, green perfumes have tones more reminiscent of cut grass and crisp spring growth. They possess some of the same scents as oriental perfumes, but are far lighter and suitable for casual wear as well as evening and business wear. They are generally funky and contemporary perfumes that are most suitable for younger and sportier people and can be worn on all occasions. Their neutral tones make them excellent for gifts.

Some perfumes under this family : Charlie by Revlon | True Star by Tommy Hilfiger | Hugo Boss by Hugo Boss | Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein | Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier | Burberry London by Burberry | CK Truth by Calvin Klein | Style in Play by Lacoste | Diorissimo by Christian Dior.

Aqua perfume
Both men and women can enjoy this light, refreshing water scent perfect for wearing during warm weather. Contains fragrances such as sea air, fresh water plants, and of course water.  It may be blended with notes of citrus and greens for an energetic and youthful scent to wear by day.

Some perfumes under this family : Charlie by Revlon | True Star by Tommy Hilfiger | Hugo Boss by Hugo Boss | Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

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