Choosing the Perfect Perfume for Your Wedding Day

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It’s finally here – your wedding day. You’ve waited for this day since you were a little girl, playing dress-up and trailing pillow cases, bed sheets, and tablecloths off the back of your head and your mother’s perfume dabbed behind your ears. You imagined the groom would be that little Johnny Johnson next door and never gave a thought to any life beyond your wedding day.

You’re no little girl anymore and Johnny Johnson moved away a long time ago. This time, the wedding is real. You’ve planned every detail: the music, the flowers, the dresses, and the cake. You’ve sent invitations and chosen your bridesmaids. You are getting ready for the most important day of your life. Your maid of honor walks in the room, and… you nearly gag! Her perfume is so strong that you just know it will override the flowers in the church. You honestly don’t know if you will be able to stand next to her during the ceremony. Your perfect day is ruined!

Don’t let this happen to you! So many things need to be done for a wedding and so many accessories to consider, that it’s easy to overlook the perfume. Of course, you aren’t used to deciding what perfume your friends and family should wear, but on your wedding day, it’s so important that fragrances don’t conflict or overpower the room. You need to decide on a single perfume for your bridesmaids and yourself so there is no chance that two scents will clash. So how do you choose the perfect fragrance for your wedding day?

wedding perfume
The scent of a perfume subtly changes with every woman who wears it. It also changes over time. A perfume’s fragrance has three layers, called notes. The top note is the one you smell when you put on your perfume. This fades quickly and melds into the middle note. The middle note lasts for an hour or so before it too fades. Finally, the bottom note comes floating up – this is the scent that lasts for the rest of the day.

When you are choosing perfume for your wedding, pay close attention to the middle notes and the bottom notes. You will probably want to apply your perfume just before you walk down the aisle, so the middle note will be most prominent throughout the ceremony. However, during the reception and the party the bottom note will be the one that everyone notices.

It’s a good idea to have all the bridesmaids try the perfume out before the wedding day, just to make sure no one has any sensitivity to the perfume and so you know that the middle note and bottom note on each woman blends in harmony with the others.

Perfumes are also categorized by families. These are the general quality of the scents, like fruity or floral. Many women like a soft floral fragrance on their wedding day for the romantic feel, but you may prefer something else. It’s your day, so choose your favorite.

Just stick with something light so no one winds up with a headache. The perfume from your wedding day will always have a special meaning for you and your husband, so take some time to choose one that fits your special day perfectly.

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Harry greenberg said...

wedding day is once in alifetime, dont waste it and you must arracnge carefully, married is beautiful

RushFit said...

I know idea that perfumes had high, low and middle "notes." I'm not musical but I sort of get it..... sort of.

eula_w said...

"wedding day is once in alifetime" agreed in full here Harry. Specially when you married the one that you really love.

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