Perfume Advice for the Bride to Be

Often the bride to be receives a perfume as a gift before the wedding. Or she is in quite a panic as she has not decided yet which perfume to wear.

Some useful tips to consider:

Notes - according to 'My Wedding Day Only'

Bridal perfumes tend to fall into four main types – floral, fresh, woody or oriental.

Floral scents, such as those containing jasmine, rose or white flower fragrances, are very popular with brides, especially as they can often match the scent of the flowers used in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.

Fresh scents, such as those containing notes such as citrus, green leaves, light fruits, sage or ocean inspired fragrance, have a clean, pure and crisp scent and are often popular with brides wanting a contemporary and light scent.

Woody scents are those which contain notes of musk, spicy woods and deep, rich citrus scents and can be popular with brides at winter weddings.

Oriental scents often have base notes of spiciness, amber, vanilla or wood and are popular with brides that want a heady scent that will get them noticed.

The Decision

If you have a perfume that you absolutely love wear it. Ensure he likes it too.If your family wish to spoil you to a perfume ask them politely if you can choose it. It is a very sensitive time and you do not want to offend. It is worse if you receive a perfume that you do not like and that you in the end decide that you don’t want to wear it. Be honest and make the most of choosing THE one. Avoid surprises.If you would like to try a new perfume ensure that you start experimenting at least a month before. Make a perfume testing date with yourself and your husband to be.You would probably want a different perfume for your honeymoon. A more sensual and romantic scent with ingredients of musk, woods and resins.Consider the time of the year. In summer it is wonderful to wear fresh floral perfumes and in winter warmer orientals. Avoid having your bridesmaids wear perfumes that will draw more attention to themselves. Communicate about this upfront and agree what will work for the special occasion.


Layering is beautiful, starting with bath oils, body creams and then the perfume.Apply on your pulse points, for example your cleavage, back of the neck and your nape.Perfume rises so applying the perfume on your calves or the back of your knees allows for an upward flow.Ensure that you have your perfume with you to re-apply during the day. The best is to use the Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizer. Spray your perfume into the atomizer, fuss free and convenient!Applying your perfume in the palm of your hands will guarantee a romantic affect.

The memories associated with scent are very powerful so ensure that this is a lasting and positive choice!

Written by: Diana Rankin


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