How to Make Your Own Perfume: Blending Oils

How to Make Your Own Perfume: Blending Oils

Essential oils can be blended both in body care products (from 3-4 to maximally 6 oils) and in perfume. In perfume production 6-9 oils are used as main and 3-6 as nuances (the more experienced person the more oils).

It’s best to start with 4-5 oils. You should follow these rules when creating your own fragrance:

There should be three notes: Top note, Middle note and Base note:

5-10% Base note,30-70 % Middle noteand 10-40% Top note


3 parts (30%) Middle note - middle and strong notes for the theme,2 parts (20%) Base note - strong, long lasting notes for the undertone,4 parts (40%) Top note - light, volatile notes for the overture,0.5 part (0.5%) Top-middle note – to blend these two notes,0.5 part (0.5%) Middle-base note – to blend these two notes,

You can always follow your own rules but there is one common practice: mix all drop by drop and keep controlling the aroma while doing this.

Making your own, new perfume you must start with the middle note which enhances the theme.Then you add the base note defining the undertone and the top note for the overture. Top and bottom heart notes are always made at the end as they act as a go-between for top, middle and base notes.

In feminine fragrances there are always floral and fruity fragrances in the middle, that are completed with other matching notes:

Floral, light - delicate and subtle flowery fragrances with fruit and citrus tones,Floral, green - floral notes with leaf, grass and moss overtones,Floral, green - typically floral fragrances,Floral, sweet (heavy) – exotic, luscious and sweet with balmy and woody overtones,Fruity, heavy and sweet - heavy, sweet fragrances with fruity overtones,

Selecting the oils you should follow your individual taste (favorite fragrances) and needs (to relax, refresh, for body or skin care or to help in medical problems). The oils must be mixed in harmony. You can’t use the oils that are all dominating, strong or don’t go well together. Creating a fragrance, it’s good to take notes and remember the quantity and the type of oil used. It will be helpful next time.

You should read descriptions of the oils before you mix them. Some of them are unsuitable for pregnant women as they are strong and irritant (you may use them only in small amounts). They can cause photo-allergic reactions (you can’t expose yourself to the sunlight).

The best way is to roll the bottle or keep turning it upside down. Then you leave them for a few weeks so that they could blend well.


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