Perfume Smell Different?

Why the same perfume smell different than my friends?

Everyone's skin chemistry is different.  Skin acidity, diet, and hormones all affect a fragrance.

The biggest factor in how a fragrance will smell on you is your body's PH balance. Ideal PH is alkaline - but stress and poor nutrition will turn your balance to acid, and that will affect fragrance.Diet can affect the way a fragrance smells. With high fat, spicy diets, for example, fragrances are more intense. A  change in diet can change skin chemistry, causing a fragrance to smell differently.Skin type also affects the way a fragrance smells.  Fragrances on women with oily skin will have a more intense scent than those with dry skin.

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Ethical Gifts said...

this is so true, my house mate and i use the same aftershave and only realised after about 6mths as smelt totally different on us!

smoking quit said...

i just realize it. I thoght the same perfume will make the same odor for people. thanks for this information

Physical Therapy Supplies said...

I had the most amazing experience with perfumes recently. I was at the launch of a range of botanical perfumes made without a single synthetic chemical. Even so, I presumed I would need to leave the room and couldn’t believe it when I realized that my nose wasn’t irritated.

Perfect Gift Tips said...

This is true. I experienced it before. I've been wearing the same cologne ever since, and my friends at work would complain that I smell to strong. Others think I smell sweet. Then I started exercising and working out, and everyone at the office would smell the sweet me and ask about what new scent I'm wearing. It's the change in body chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Ideal Skin pH is Acidic. Not alkaline. Not at all alkaline. It's why "soaps" are bad and strip too much oil.

Your skin care products should range from 4.7 to 5.5 pH value. Give or take for preference.

Diet doesn't affect the pH as much as what oils your skin makes. Fish for instance come with very good oils, but in a combo that can cause the skin to make sticky sebaceous fluid and cause acne (blackhead, whiteheads, or full blown red bumps)

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