5 “Power” Best Men’s Discount Cologne

Best Mens Discount Cologne

There is no doubt that scents can affect our mood, our self-confidence and our overall image of ourselves. Many men have a favorite discount fragrance that they like to wear because it makes them feel more confident, sexier and ultimately more powerful. Here are five excellent men’s discount fragrances that will give you an empowered feeling. Wear these men’s discount fragrances to job interviews, important negotiations or for that big client presentation and you’ll be sure to have an extra jolt of confidence.

Tuscany tuscany cologneCologne by Aramis is a men’s discount fragrance featuring geranium, patchouli, oregano and mint accented by cinnamon and warm woods. This men’s discount fragrance has an elegant masculinity about it. The unique scent will certainly gain attention. As a result, it is a top recommendation for a “power” men’s fragrance. This elegant blend is ideal for evening or formal wear but also makes an excellent men’s discount fragrance for those “power” days at the office. Knock them dead wearing Tuscany!

Creed Green Irish Tweed

Creed Green Irish Tweed is a classic scent said to be favored around Hollywood. This is said to be the favorite men’s discount fragrance of George Clooney. Featuring a lively mix of lemon verbena, violet, ambergris and sandalwood it is a men’s discount fragrance with a clean, fresh scent. This classic fragrance projects a clean, sophisticated but poised air.

Guerlain Vetiver Extreme
VetiverThis men’s discount fragrance is a modern take on the 1950s classic Vetiver by Guerlain . Classic woody scents with cedar, pine, patchouli and vetiver make this a classic masculine scent. This men’s discount fragrance is said to be a favorite of Andy Garcia and Frank Sinatra is said to have worn the original Vetiver. This discount fragrance exudes confidence and masculinity with its fresh woody scent.

Polo Black
Polo BlackPolo Black Cologne from Ralph Lauren is a men’s discount fragrance which features a sensual, spicy mix of patchouli, tonka, mango, sage and sandalwood. This men’s discount fragrance portrays an air of elegance and enlightenment. It is urban yet sophisticated. Another fragrance typically reserved for evening or formal wear, it will provide that extra boost to an important business engagement.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir
Bvlgari Pour Homme SoirBvlgari Pour Homme Soir cologne is another men’s discount fragrance that is usually recommended for evening wear. However, it’s masculine and sensual notes of tea, black pepper, bergamot, amber and musk make it an ideal “power” discount fragrance. The unique blend of notes gives an almost leather note to this men’s discount fragrance which suggests a rugged and masculine individuality. It’s an ideal scent for executives in creative industries such as advertising.

Scent can affect how we think and feel about ourselves. By choosing a men’s Cologne that makes us feel empowered and confidant we can bring a boost to our business power. Several men’s discount fragrances that would normally be reserved for formal, evening wear make excellent scents for those daytime occasions that demand our best game.


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A man who enjoys Tuscany might also like Very irresistible by Givenchy.

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You are absolutely right that this five fragrances are best one. I have heard about two of them but the rest are really good one.

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Clinique Happy is my favorite cologne. Never leave home without it and get compliments all the time. It has a light smell that's not too overpowering.

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